Your Future Starts Now!

Never think, “Oh, I’m just a teen, I can’t do anything significant now”. Did you know that some of the greatest movements in the world were led by teens? Our ScholarVersity motto is “Your Future Starts Now”. What we mean is that there are actions you can take today, right now, that will secure a great future for you. The way you think now and prepare now will largely affect the opportunities that will come your way next month or next year. For instance, if you fail two classes, your coach may not allow you to be on the basketball team. You may be a great athlete and a prime candidate for a college scholarship, but if you’re not on the team because of your grades, no one will ever see your great atheleticism and you will not receive that scholarship. Now always affects later.

“Now” is very important. Sometimes teens don’t think in this manner and then, unfortunately, you miss out on some of the great possibilities that could’ve come your way. But I know you will not allow this to become your destiny. Since you are reading this you can begin to ask yourself what can I do “now” to help me prepare for college, for my career, and to achieve my goals.

Are there ways that you can get ahead in your classes to achieve higher grades? Are there places you can volunteer with organizations that spark your interest? Are there things you can do to develop your talent? Spend your free time reflecting on things like this. Ask teachers and mentors to lead you to programs and resources that would be helpful for you.

Motivational speaker Eric Thomas has an acronym for the word N.O.W. He says it stands for No Opportunity Wasted. Each day think about what you can do N.O.W. to ensure a better future.

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